Halloween 2018 with Alphacool

Last Friday we celebrated this year Halloween together with our new partners from German company Alphacool. The event was taking place at Alphacool headquarter in Braunschweig, Germany.

At the event we got a great opportunity to talk to many Alphacool and Aquatuning employees that  was very useful and productive. We also were pleased to meet representatives of other Alphacool distributors and dealers.

Due to the company team efforts the even was really great and wonderful. Everything was thought out to the last detail: event-room decorated respective attributes, costumes, face-painting, music band that played really good. People could celebrate, relax or talk to each other easily. As a result the event had a Halloween and – at the same time – very friendly atmosphere.

Besides that we had a tour thorough Alphacool head-office and could that place where all thoses amazing product of Alphacool are designed. We were also shown some great and spectacular modding projects based on Alphacool liquid systems such like: a Halloween PC, a star-ship PC, an impressive two sectioned PC and a PC made as a town landsacape – with all those small cars in frot of a cinema, lines to the ticket office, lightboxes, building area and so on.

We were also told about new products of Alphacool, but we’re keeping it in secret untill the official release. The one thing we can tell now that that’s concern to someting very effictive and powerful – as usual for Alphacool. 

We are very thankful to the Alphacool team for invitation and taking care about us, for a great event and great time we spent there. We belive that suck events like that are helpful for partners and give an opportunity for closer communication and thus – for gaining more achievements.

P.S. On our way back we had a bit of time before our plane back from Berlin. We could not miss an opportunity to walk around the capital of Germany and had some sightseeing. It’s a very beautiful, hospitable and truly nice city! 

About Alphacool company
Alphacool company is the word leader at liquid cooling for PCs and produces the best, top quality liquid systems, components and tools. Alphacool team also pays a lot of attention to the modding and creates lots of different accessories (sure highest class again) for it.
All Alphacool products are well know around the world and are high demanded by different categories of PC users: gamers, enthusiasts, modders and even common users. 
The exclusive distributor of Alphacool products within Russian market is our company Arctic-M, LLC.